About this challenge

Plenty arrived in my life several years ago as a Christmas gift from a dear friend. Since then it has languished reproachfully on my shelves, mostly unused, the sorry result of my fear of cookbooks created by celebrity chefs (exotic ingredients, complicated instructions, general impracticality). This is my attempt to rectify my neglect: one post, once a week, about one recipe, for one year.

You won’t find detailed instructions here — although I will link to the original recipes as published in Ottolenghi’s weekly column in The Guardian — but you will find an honest response to what worked and what didn’t work in the recipe: the challenges the recipe presented for a home cook, the flavor combinations that thrilled or disappointed me, and any alterations I made as I worked through the recipe.

In case you’re wondering: I love spicy foods with strong, dramatic flavors; my husband prefers more subtle, savory flavors. If something pleases both of us, it’s a winner for sure.


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