#8: Endive with Roquefort (a winner!)

Bleu-cheese lovers, rejoice … this one’s for you! Slather crisp leaves of bitter endive with a rich mixture of creme fraiche and your favorite bleu cheese (Roquefort here). Top with warm pine nuts and walnuts freshly toasted in butter and a little salt. Arrange on a platter lined with pretty red leaves of radicchio. Enjoy.

Seriously. This was the easiest recipe yet, and if you are better organized than I, you could probably get this one from the refrigerator to the table in under 10 minutes.

Cautionary Note #1: Maybe this looks like a salad, but it’s really just an excuse to eat a lot of bleu cheese with toasty nuts. If you’re looking for something with a more amped-up nutritional profile, then plan on something else with dinner. Steamed broccoli, perhaps. Or a baked sweet potato. This recipe? This one is just for fun.

Cautionary Note #2: I made half the recipe (for two people), and if I had stacked the leaves in bundles of six as Ottolenghi describes, there would have been only two bundles to arrange on the plate–kind of a puny presentation. I stacked mine in bundles of two or three leaves each, and they seemed completely, utterly, perfectly satisfying. Totally undiminished.

Cautionary Note #3: It is entirely possible that you might not use all of the bleu cheese/creme fraiche mixture in the preparation of this recipe. I trust you all to be resourceful and not permit even a spoonful of something this luxurious to go to waste.

Next week, something a little more complicated, and more substantial, too: gado-gado (p. 195)


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